Tynan Daniels 


Tynan Daniels was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Growing up so close to the beach and the mountains shaped him from an early age to love and embrace the outdoors. His affinity for nature and its beauty inspired and fueled his passion for creativity and art. 

At 13, Tynan traveled with his family to Costa Rica, where he discovered photography with a point and shoot camera his parents had given him.  His interest in photography as a medium of expression and art form came to full fruition during his high school years, as he documented his friends and family, their experiences and adventures, and the wonders of the Central Coast and his various travel destinations.  

Tynan has been fortunate enough to travel the world with his camera.  In the process, he has gained a perspective of the world far beyond his 23 years.  He has photographed the Fjords of Norway, Sherpas in Nepal, chimpanzees in Tanzania and baseball in Cuba.  His art, mind, and heart grow with each adventure. 

In addition to travel photography, Tynan’s interest in capturing spontaneity, and presenting images and scenes in distinctive ways through his unique vision of the world, have helped him find success in commercial, studio, and wedding photography.


"What do you like to shoot?"

I don't know if I have a favorite subject to shoot or have seemed to find a niche I prefer. Images can be very powerful and I love capturing moments that evoke the emotion that was being felt when I took it. However I also enjoy finding beauty in the mundane and sharing what I think is beautiful with others. 




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